Master Key Experience Week 24

It was the Worst of Times, It was the Best of Times. Students of literature may have noticed that I scrambled the opening lines of Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was […]

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Master Key Experience Week 23

Observed: Jihad x2, Asia, & Super Worm Moon Refining my skills to become the “Observer”. Returning home after a delightful mini vacation, I was checking my luggage at the airline counter when I observed the nametag of the lovely young girl at the check in counter.  Her nametag was “Jihad”.  Being an infidel, I hoped […]

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Master Key Experience Week 22A

OMG! No Texting Allowed! OFC* . . . Not the comfort zone . . . Not the danger zone . . . It’s the silence zone! My second “Dwell in the Great Silence” was one day plus one hour. My silence started on Wednesday at 11:00am right after a Zoom meeting with our geographically diverse […]

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Master Key Experience Week 22

Dwell in the Great Silence Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10 Be still and know. Be still. Be. WOW! I’ll need to devote some serious pre-sit/-pre-meditation time to process that. Meditating about meditating for extended periods of time. Twenty minutes is my personal best sit/meditation time. I might have gone longer […]

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Relax Surf

Master Key Experience Week 21

Gimme a Break! The present me has been over scheduling and over loading the future me. In early January this year the past me developed a plan that, at the time, seemed ambitious but doable. What the early January me didn’t realize was that the plan was all work and no time for play. The […]

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Master Key Experience Week 20

But What if I’m Really Yellow? Me, a Yellow personality, fun loving party Guy, not a White personality, logical, structured, unemotional Guy? When I first took the Personality Color Code Test early in my Master Key Experience journey, I was clearly a White. Pretty much solid White. The Color Code Test instructions said to choose […]

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Pilots Glory

Master Key Experience Week 19

5-Mile High Club plus Pilot’s Glory I had some amazing experiences during a recent air flight.  The first experience was that after reach cruising altitude of 30,000 feet I started to relax enough to do a mid-flight sit/meditation.  I cleared my mind and concentrated my thoughts on connecting with the Universal Mind.  After a few […]

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Master Key Experience Week 18

The Law of Attraction I’m still filled with lingering amazement, tingling, and gratitude from last week’s celestial experience during Super Wolf Blood Moon Meets Total Lunar Eclipse. Wow! But that was then. This is now. More tingles scheduled. Haanel: “In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. This is brought […]

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Master Key Experience Week 17HJ

Super Wolf Blood Moon Rising – Approaching the Abyss Scared? No, Terrified is more accurate. So, I’ve been bouncing along, kind of understanding the journey thing on an intellectual level. A confluence of special events this week has allowed me to extend this understanding of the journey to my heart and soul. No longer terrified, […]

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Master Key Experience 17

Panic, Frantic, Manic: Separation Anxiety Oh NO! It’s 3:55 pm EST on Sunday and I can’t log in to the Master Key Experience Week 17 Webinar. Double checked my In Box, double checked my Spam, double checked my MKE Folder: No link to Week 17 found. Next, I went to the MKE website, mashed buttons, […]

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