Up until the time that I started the Master Key Experience, I used the name Cabbit Jones and the avatar below for all of my social media posts.


Cabbit Jones

In February of this year, I decided to help my sister with her MLM business by becoming her social media manager. I charged off into cyberspace and created her Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages.  My social media shotgun blasts splattered her product around the globe with dismal results. I knew that lots of people were earning lots of money using social media, but it wasn’t me.  Time for plan B. Resurfacing after a two-month deep dive, having learned that “attraction marketing” was being used very successfully by the top earners, I struck out in a new direction. Just as I was about to make a big investment to be trained by one of the best mentors in online sales,  I stumbled across Mark J’s video about the upcoming Master Key Experience. Suddenly I was at a fork in my path to success and had to make what I knew was a life-changing decision. Whichever choice I made would require my total attention. You may have guessed since I’m here writing an About Me page on my MKE blog, that I chose to find my Dharma and after that, dive into attraction marketing. So here I am:

Guy Fitzgerald