Master Key Experience 17

Panic, Frantic, Manic: Separation Anxiety

Oh NO! It’s 3:55 pm EST on Sunday and I can’t log in to the Master Key Experience Week 17 Webinar.

Double checked my In Box, double checked my Spam, double checked my MKE Folder: No link to Week 17 found. Next, I went to the MKE website, mashed buttons, clicked links: No link to Week 17 found. 404 error: MKE Week 17 not found.

So, here I am at 4:00 pm EST Sunday, with my Webinar materials all printed out, cards, pencils, books, adult beverage, . . all of it.  Let’s Roll!

But I can’t get there from here. Have I been kicked out of the Master Key Experience? Busted, fired, deleted, removed, expelled, purged, lost my MKE Scholarship? Have they discovered that I didn’t fulfill my Honor Requirement of crossing out the “will’s” in The Scroll Marked IV?

After a fitful night of bad dreams, I fired up Marco Polo Monday morning and told my Mastermind group my most disturbing story. Thankfully, my awesome guide, Deb Barrett, immediately got on Marco Polo and explained that due to some technical glitches Week 17 did not go as scheduled but that the replay would be posted soon. She promised not to report my Honors Requirement deficiency to the Honors Requirement Enforcement Guides.

To be continued after watching the Week 17 replay.

While waiting for the Week 17 replay to be posted I quickly completed my Honor Requirement of crossing out the “will’s” in The Scroll Marked IV. [Hopefully, an unreported violation of the sacred MKE honor requirements]

Watched the MKE Week 17 Replay – All better Now.

Gratitude, Abundance, Kindness, Hugs, & Franklin Makeover: Dot Dot Dot!

I’ve forgiven myself for my Panic, Frantic, Manic, Separation Anxiety thing. It was just a technology issue. If it weren’t for technology, we would be watching TV in the dark.

Loved the quotes from other MKE folks around the world. And especially enjoyed the background music by My Man IZ, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Someday, Somewhere, Over the Rainbow, our ashes and spirits will unite.

I’ve given myself permission to be Happy and to Access my Power to be Powerful!

Subby Update: Subby has been rocking my World.

“If we give the orders, the subby does the work.  So, start today to give subby repeated orders.  Fix in your mind the exact life you want – exactly what you want down to the last detail.  Write it out – get some pictures and give it to subby everyday, repeatedly with feeling.  Really feel this new life.  Feel the elation of having everything you desire.”

“Once your subconscious mind accepts the idea, it moves hell and high water to make it happen.  Watch with amazement how your life changes without any seeming effort on your part.” [Move Hell & High Water. Done.]

I’m filled with gratitude.

I’m gearing up for Super Wolf Blood Moon Meets Total Lunar Eclipse the night of Sunday, January 2019 and spilling over into the wee hours of Monday morning.

Got my telescope, a cherished gift, and if I can figure out how to attach my iPhone to the telescope, I’ll take pictures of the event from a strategically, tactically chosen, undisclosed luxurious vantage point (with room service) on the beach of Amelia Island, Florida to document this extraordinary phenomenon.

It’s a celestial magical convergence of several phenomena beyond my wildest dreams, delivered to me by the Universe, eclipsing everything that has come before.

Musical accompaniment:      ボレロ ラヴェル

Again, I am overwhelmed and overflowing with gratitude! WoW!

Growth be the Journey

  • lorentaylor says:

    There’s so much to appreciate after reading (and watching/listening) this most recent post of yours, Guy, I’m simply left in awe…and wonder!! In addition to the significance you’ve given to the usually insignificant “will,” enough to prompt a high-pitched, congratulatory “twill,” there’s the as yet unanswered question, “How much Guy, and how much Van Gogh?” I continue to ponder. And ponder still as I peer at the art work, you’ve labeled “Super Wolf Blood Moon Meets Total Lunar Eclipse,” astounded, I let out a cheer. All in all is compounded by my eyes as I watched, by my ears as Bolero’s crescendo (bound and magically concealed as if by Rune Stone tablets) raucously resounded. 🙂

  • Rebekah says:

    Haha I love reading your blog! You are a great writer – I can feel your humour and good nature shine through. Thanks for sharing!

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