Master Key Experience Week 1

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My first Master Key Experience session started in the wake of Hurricane Florence and at the beginning of a fishing marathon vacation. My stepdaughter and I had been planning on a fishing vacation in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina for years. When we were trying to select the perfect timeframe when we would both be able to block out a week for the fishing vacation. We also wanted the trip to coincide with the best solunar fishing dates. We selected the September 23 through the first of October.

Then a couple of weeks ago the unexpected happened. I discovered the Master Key Experience program. After studying Mark’s first three videos, I was immediately drawn in. I wanted to have the experience described in the testimonials of previous participants. I’m all in!

Then a second unexpected event happened: Hurricane Florence. What, you may ask, do a hurricane and a fishing trip have to do with participating in the first Master Key Experience class? Hurricane Florence, fortunately, caused very little damage to Cape Hatteras. The rest of North Carolina did not fare as well. Massive flooding caused Interstate 95 and many other roads along my route to be closed in several places. When I clicked on “directions” rather than giving me detailed turn-by-turn directions, I got a message saying that you can’t get there from here because of road conditions. I had to plot a zigzag, tack and jibe course from Amelia Island, Florida to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Since I was committed to participating in the Master Key Experience program, I needed to leave home early enough to arrive at my hotel in Cape Hatteras by 3:30pm, early enough to hook up with the hotel’s Wi-Fi and login to the webinar. Unfortunately, all of the detours and unexpected delays exceeded my extra built in time buffer. I arrived at the hotel at 4:00pm. I quickly checked my email for the webinar login instruction. Since it would take me too much time to hook up my laptop, I joined the webinar using my phone, arriving only a few minutes late. Once connected by phone, I proceeded to hook up my laptop, connect to the hotel Wi-Fi and login to the webinar in progress. I finally connected to the Master Key Experience webinar in progress and I was able to settle down and start soaking up the information.

I began to comprehend just how massive the impact would be on the rest of my life. Timing is everything. The opportunity to participate in the Master Key Experience presented its self at the perfect time in my life. Six months ago I was not ready for the course. If the opportunity occurred six months from now, who knows if I would have been ready for it?

I’m ready now!

  • Guy, I’m glad that you chose to open this door and look forward to reading more of your blogs.

  • Loren Taylor says:

    Hi Guy! Loren, your Blog Rover friend, here. When the student is ready, the teacher will follow. When applied to MKE, such a thought is easy to swallow. I, for one, am certainly glad you did! Great post!

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