Master Key Experience Week 11

The Greatest Mechanism

Learner’s Permit

I’m learning that persistence, like knowledge does not apply its self. “Work is necessary-labor, hard mental labor, the kind that so few are willing to put forth.” I’m trying to find my “Auto-Persist” button. My “Auto-Love” pedal is to the metal.

I feel frequent, gentle kicks in the butt from my future self, propelling me forward one step at a time, urging me on to do the work, to persist, to focus. The blue, green, red, and yellow shapes zap my mind, and keep me on track by redirect my focus back to my DMP and my promises, and commitments to greet this day with love and to persist until I succeed.

My Future Self likes this.


Embracing my DMP.

  • Thanks for sharing Guy, great blog

  • Nice post. I love the petal to the metal for the Love self. Sometimes that is the only way through stuff – with the pedal to the floor and don’t stop for anything!!

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