Master Key Experience Week 17HJ

Super Wolf Blood Moon Rising – Approaching the Abyss

Scared? No, Terrified is more accurate.

So, I’ve been bouncing along, kind of understanding the journey thing on an intellectual level. A confluence of special events this week has allowed me to extend this understanding of the journey to my heart and soul. No longer terrified, the old cement is cracking and falling away.

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

Super Wolf Blood Moon Meets Total Lunar Eclipse – Approaching Transformation

Scared? No, Terrified is more accurate.

Terrified? Take it to a Sit.

I use two sit locations.  My primary sit and meditate location is the same comfortable chair in my room. My secondary sit location for extended or difficult topics is on the beach near the surf.  Approaching Transformation, definitely a beach sit, with the full trust and expectation that the Universe will guide and provide.

Thank goodness I’d already given myself permission to be Happy and to Access my Power to be Powerful!

“There’s something out there
I can’t resist

The sweetest song is silence . . .”

These Dreams

This has been a life changing week.  Praise be to the Universe.

Growth be the Journey

  • Rebekah says:

    I try and get down to the beach to do my meditation as often as I can. I find I connect so much more down there. There’s something about the ocean. It draws me in.
    I love your web page name too!! Keep on shining!

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