Pilots Glory

Master Key Experience Week 19

5-Mile High Club plus Pilot’s Glory

I had some amazing experiences during a recent air flight.  The first experience was that after reach cruising altitude of 30,000 feet I started to relax enough to do a mid-flight sit/meditation.  I cleared my mind and concentrated my thoughts on connecting with the Universal Mind.  After a few minutes I came to the realization that being five miles above the earth did not bring me into a closer proximity to the Universal since it is everywhere, the ether, the Pranic Energy or Pranic Ether. I had been just as directly connected to the Universal during my sits at home in my comfortable chair or on my beach chair near the ocean surf. I have another flight in a few weeks and will most certainly do more 5-mile high sits.

After the sit, my next experience was surprise and wonder that while looking out the airplane window, I could see the shadow of our airplane being cast on the clouds below us. Then suddenly I saw what I thought must be a sign from the Universal, a completely round, 360-degree rainbow that encircled the airplane shadow and was clearly moving along in harmony with the shadow.  Could it be aliens beaming us up to the mothership? I had just finished a second Baileys’ Irish Cream and coffee but was pretty sure that my vision was not an alcohol induced hallucination. Upon further Google investigation, I learned that the 360-degree rainbow that encircled our airplane’s shadow was not the Universe speaking to me but a wonder of nature for all to enjoy.  It’s called Pilot’s Glory among other things. Seeing a 360-degree rainbow felt pretty special to me. And to think, I am nature’s greatest miracle – Wow!

  • Greg says:

    Guy – That was quite a flight. But who was flying? … me thinks it was you!

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