Master Key Experience Week 20

But What if I’m Really Yellow?

Me, a Yellow personality, fun loving party Guy, not a White personality, logical, structured, unemotional Guy?

When I first took the Personality Color Code Test early in my Master Key Experience journey, I was clearly a White. Pretty much solid White.

The Color Code Test instructions said to choose one of the four traits that best describe how I behaved as a child. The environments and events that shaped my life over past 70.91 years (yes 70.91) have been surprisingly similar to my childhood environment. My parents were very active in conservative Christian churches and these values were passed on to us children. By conservative, I mean structured, like Mr. Spock, logical, rule following, conforming, compliant.  I was not allowed to see a drive-in movie (Pollyanna) until I was age 11 or 12.  Church members were not allowed to drink in the presence of other church members. Over the next .9 decades I broke a few commandments and violated a few rules (a little Yellow fun-loving party Guy break-out).

The next phase of my life was when the Viet Nam war ramping up. I avoided being drafted into the Army by enlisting in the Navy. My grandfather told me that I would enjoy sleeping in nice warm bunk aboard a USS Navy ship rather than sleeping in a freshly dug, rain drenched fox hole in jungle. Sage advice. His Old Native American Indian wisdom. To this day my grandfather’s Old Indian wisdom has served me well and has allowed me to mix his advice with a wee bit of my Irish blarney and impress people with this knowledge.

The next 22 years and 8 wonderful months my life was governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, affectionately known as UCMJ. As a Cryptologic Technician with a high-level security clearance, in order to avoid the brig and possible death by firing squad or worse, my authorized list of fun activities was severely restricted.  Being a Yellow was not authorized. White, Red, or Blue personalities, with proper restrictions, may be approved upon request. Being a White personality, I happily travled around the Far East, and coast to coast in the USA. Joined the Navy and saw the world. All was well until one morning when the answer my daily question of “Guy, are you still having fun?” was “Nope!”

Rule #1:  If I’m not having fun, it’s time for me to move on.  (Latent Yellow personality?)

After retiring from the Navy, I worked for the Charlotte Sun Herold newspaper in Southwest Florida, another highly structured, deadline driven occupation suited for a White personality. After that I worked for several government contractors at Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia. More government and military rules and regulations to comply with. Again, my White personality served me well.

Then life happened. Thankfully, my White personality helped me navigate troubled waters. After divine resolution in late 2018, I was able to explore and enjoy my latent Yellow tendencies beyond my wildest dreams.

The catalyst for my growth and change was the Master Key Experience. I’m pretty sure that my connection with the Master Key Experience was divine intervention, Universal guidance.

In closing, to the Mr. Spock in me: (Did he do MKE?)

Pain is a thing of the mind. The mind can be controlled.

Change is the essential process of all existence.

Live long and prosper.

Spock:  I need your advice.

McCoy: Then I need a drink.

Wow! With overwhelming gratitude, I’m a Yellow, Living it, Loving it!

  • LORENTAYLOR788 says:

    Then beam me up, Scotty, ’cause I want to be there! Guy, your posts are always a delight! 🙂

  • Deb says:

    Your posts are fabulous.

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