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Master Key Experience Week 21

Gimme a Break!

The present me has been over scheduling and over loading the future me. In early January this year the past me developed a plan that, at the time, seemed ambitious but doable. What the early January me didn’t realize was that the plan was all work and no time for play.

The MKE course has taught me to be the observer. My observation is that I need to change my future work/play ratio – heavily weighted with play, aligned with my Definite Major Purpose, dharma and karma.

As a newly minted, inexperienced self-directed thinker, I’m thinking current plans for the future me need to include more family time and more travel/adventure activities. My earlier plans to enroll in at least three additional upcoming on-line courses have been put on hold, to be lightly sprinkled into future plans, sparingly disbursed. Read less, do more.

This week’s blog is a little shorter than most.  My morning self thought that my afternoon should take a break and go surf-fishing this afternoon.

Stepping away from my computer . . .

Doing it now! (With Enthuuuuuuuusiasm)   

  • Grover L Sheffield says:

    Guy, you have me smiling again. I enjoy your thoughtful and gentle posts – and the pictures! Thank you.

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