Master Key Experience Week 22

Dwell in the Great Silence

Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10

Be still and know.

Be still.



I’ll need to devote some serious pre-sit/-pre-meditation time to process that.

Meditating about meditating for extended periods of time. Twenty minutes is my personal best sit/meditation time. I might have gone longer than twenty minutes but my precious kitty, Savannah, started yowling, breaking the spell, demanding to be fed.

In preparation for my long marathon “Dwell in the Great Silence” [hereinafter called “DGS”] sit/meditation exercises, I replayed the MKE Week 22 Webinar in my head since recorded MKE version had not yet been posted. I wanted to be sure that I was sitting/meditating in the DGS exactly as prescribed.

Authorized Activities: Silence, Stillness, Focus, Insights, Aha Moments, Inspiration, Concentration, Epiphanies, Reflection, Introspection, Visualization, Discovery, Awareness, Realizations, Purposefull Dwelling, Pipe Smoking*, and Cooking**

No Phones ———————- No Fishing

I won’t talk about the many Forbidden Activities such as iPhone use and Surf Fishing*** so as not to put negativity bias on things for my subconscious mind (Subby). For example, if I said surf fishing is bad during sit/meditation, Subby would hear “surf fishing”, and say “I can bring you more of that”. It’s my understanding that Subbies listen to your voice and thoughts but don’t read blogs.

My first DGS experience began at 4:10 am, right after getting caught up with my morning email, texts, and a quick game of Angry Birds. Going Dark! I jumped into my beach/surf fishing truck, a red 1999 Isuzu Trooper, fully tricked out for surf fishing complemented with a “LET’S ROLL” decal on the back window and subtle, low tide, pipe tobacco, and coffee aromatherapy and hit the beach. For this trip, no rods, no reels, no bait, no phone,  no pool, no pets, ain’t got no cigarettes.

I did the Amelia Island, DGS – Grand Slam. Performed at Amelia Island’s three best “Beach Driving Allowed” venues:

Peter’s Point. Arrived 4:45am. Beautiful ¼ moon set the mood for effortless relaxation and meditation. No external distractions in the darkness, whether focusing on the moon or closing my eyes, I quickly slipped into the zone. I moved from Peter’s Point to Amelia Island State Park at daylight. Incoming fog and clouds blocked a frequently spectacular sunrise view.

Amelia Island State Park. A nearly completed beach nourishment project has pumped sand from Nassau Sound to the Atlantic Ocean beach and added nearly 200 yards of drivable sand to my playground. New sand, new parking place to sit, meditate, and contemplate DGS . Upon arrival, my first challenge was to calm my Monkey Brain as it swung through the neuron jungles and ricocheted through the synaptic canyons of my mind. Flitting thoughts finally subsided and were replaced with calm purposeful focus. Next portal forDGS, American Beach.

American Beach. Since it was getting later in the day, more beachgoers, bicyclist, joggers, walkers, yogiest****, sun worshipers, shell collectors, shark tooth collectors, plus a few engaged in conduct prohibited for DGS’ers, occupied my silence venue. But after a few minutes of settling in, I was able to block out the noise and wrongdoers then in silence, refocus on my mission.

After nine hours of sitting/meditating on my first try, I feel pretty good about my initial extended sit. No talking. Silence is a tough master. I immediately hushed the infrequent, involuntary Tourette syndrome-like utterances of “Wow” when dolphins suddenly appeared just past the surf line, or “Do it . . .” and “I am Whole, Per . . .”.

Each of the three sit/meditation spots had a different vibe. Each provided new perspectives. It’s better to think about DGS while surf fishing than to think about surf fishing while DGS.

I will schedule more DGS time for the person I intend to be.

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still and know.

Be still.



Lemee ‘splain:

Blog author’s notes. Not/No Way approved by the Master Key Experience Staff.

   *    In silence, Smoke em if you Got em.

 **   As long as it’s not freshly caught surf fish landed during the sit/meditation.

***  Surf fishing is a spiritual activity. You have to be still so that you become one with the fish and they aren’t scared away.

**** Not valid Scrabble word. Valid Facebook page.

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    DGS ist dividi in tres partes for Mr. Guy; and anyone who reads this (there should be more) is to know the reason why. 🙂 Idyllic!

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