Master Key Experience Week 3

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My step-daughter holding up a rainbow that appeared after one of the four rainstorms that drenched us while fishing on Avon Pier at Cape Hatteras.

Definite Major Purpose, (DMP)
Definite Chief Aim
The object of my Definite Purpose

With my Cape Hatteras/Chesapeake Bay fishing marathon completed, I’m back in paradise, Amelia Island, FL. All in, no excuses, make it happen, get it done, do it now! Never have I had a greater challenge than creating a 400-word composition to concisely define my DMP.

Words on / Words off      Focus Guy!       フォーカス!

How people with day jobs keep up with this program is beyond my comprehension.

Pepper subbie with ENTHUUUUUUSIAAAAAAASMMMM! Link, Link, Link.

It must be working because I’m starting to dream about this stuff. The “Do It Now” repetitions are beginning to make me act in ways I do not comprehend.

Get a dictionary, yeah right. I went to Staples Office Supply store and after searching the entire store, I asked the cashier where their dictionaries were located. After a brief hesitation, he said that he would have to check with the store manager. The manager responded, saying that no, they no longer stocked dictionaries. (Blame Google) Amazon to the rescue. My new paperback dictionary will arrive in two days.

My journey continues. Being able to replay the recorded video and audio presentations have helped me tremendously. I can pause the presentations, take notes, and replay sections to make sure that I understand the content.

I don’t understand everything I know about blogging, page linking or menu building on the WordPress thingy. Added “figure it out” to next week’s do it now list.

  • Loren Taylor says:

    When it comes to digital connections/solutions, being willing and able to go back and listen to the recordings is the name of the game for most of us. As far as blog content goes, you’re right on the money! Thanks! 🙂

    PS Dictionary? Can you spell dinosaur?

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