Master Key Experience Week 5

Master Key Experience Week 5

Amelia Shifting Sand

Shifting Sand – – – Shifting Personal Pivotal Needs – – – Shifting DPM

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been struggling with myself over my initial impulsive Personal Pivotal Needs choices. I picked Liberty as my first choice and Legacy as my second choice. My first choice, Liberty, I’m all about Liberty, all-in. However, after writing about my second choice, Legacy, in my DMP over the weeks, and reading my MKE Guide’s recommendations, I’m discovering that maybe Legacy is not all that important to me.

In my DMP section on Legacy, I wrote about how my business had grown and provided for my family after my “I” shed its tools of body and mind and traveled on. So, I’m thinking, do I really want to bust my butt for the rest of my life so that I can plow more money into my estate for the benefit others. This was causing friction in my thoughts. I was thinking to add more wealth. It wasn’t flowing. It wasn’t me.

About the Legacy thing, don’t get me wrong. I am eternally grateful that my Mother and Father endowed me with their legacy of unconditional love, compassion, and the responsibility to serve others. They have been the guiding force of my life. While they are no longer earthbound, their influence has impacted everyone that knew them. To this day, few can speak of my parents without bursting into tears of gratitude for the influence that my parents had on their lives. Beneficiaries of my legacy are already living my parent’s legacy. In fact, my tears of gratitude are flowing as I write this.

While I may add a few more dollars to the family legacy equation passed on to my family, it pales by comparison to the Legacy they already have.

As pointed out for several weeks in a row by my incredible Guide, Deb Barrett, “Your DMP should be about you, build on your desires for your future.” “You cannot influence other people. You can only influence yourself.” I’ve come to the realization that in the future I won’t be around to enjoy my Legacy. So now I’m faced with a tough decision. Which of the remaining PPN’s represent my real personal needs? After much agonizing, and deliberating, I choose Autonomy. Autonomy, for sure, I want and have an earnest burning desire for Autonomy. Autonomy! I all in. This is going to be way too much fun. Gonna get that Autonomy.

Shifting my Personal Pivotal Needs. Shifting my Definite Major Purpose.

Freebird, “I must be traveling on now.”

  • It must take a lot of courage to go through this process of honesty you went through, so interesting to witness in this post your battle inside of the mind! Thank you for sharing!

  • debbarrett12 says:

    Great insights. The cement is falling off!

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