Master Key Experience Week 6

Savannah 3

Savannah puts her Seal of Approval on All Important Papers

She thinks she is a fun-loving Yellow.

Linking Shapes – Building a Dream Board – Compensation

Love 3X per Day for 30 Days

The wiring, firing, and linking has finally kicked in. When I see shapes and colors, zap, a mild electrical pulse surges towards my solar plexus.  Blue rectangle, zap, Liberty and completed the Master Key Experience before March 2019. Green triangle, zap, Autonomy and earned $10K before December 2019. Red circle, zap, Retired before March 2023. Yellow square, zap, completed dream fortress overlooking the Caribbean Sea before March 2023.  Shapes and colors are everywhere. I especially like the shapes and colors reflected like a heads-up from my SUV’s dashboard. Writing backward/mirror image is my next trick in a row.


Building my dream board is exciting. I have everything I need except the board.  Amazon to the rescue.  The board arrives tomorrow.

Getting a handle on Emerson’s Compensation essay has been a challenge. By listening to the audio version while reading the printed version, more sinks into my brain. Each time I complete the essay it makes more sense to me. Concepts that I had missed before suddenly cause “ah-ha moments,” especially the ones at the end of the essay.  “. . . so, we walk ever with reverted eyes, like those monsters who look backwards.” An excellent subject for a sit.

Love for 30 days. After reading Scroll Marked I three times a day for thirty days, I formed good habits and become their slave. I welcome Scroll Marked II. Thirty days of greeting the day with love in my heart three times a day.

  • jeffbusch99 says:

    Love it, Brother Inspiring !!!!!

  • Vykkie D says:

    The zaps are really cool. Keep growing and trusting the process my friend. XOXO Vic

  • cindyoneblog says:

    You are amazing, and to get a cat that makes sure it tells you she he is a yellow probably makes life a lot more easier, i am smiling. I have the same learn, reading and listening to the info is always a blessing. i found it crazy wonderful when i get into the training solutions and there it is an audio on Haanel. Love it , thank you for sharing.

  • Glad kitty approves, keep up the great work. I see gold shining through!

  • Deb says:

    Great post. It must be fun living with a fun loving Yellow cat.

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