Master Key Experience Week 7


My Smart Television Thinks I’ve Been Cheating.

Welcome Back copy

No Netflix, No Ted Talks, No Jeopardy, No Will and Grace, No UFC,

No Fishing Channel, No Weather Channel, No Fox News, No Bloomberg, 

No Apple TV

– – – Nothing – – –

Umm, yes, I guess I have ignored you. But it’s not you, it’s me. Please let me explain. Since the day you moved in with me, we have been constant companions, spent countless hours together, often into the wee morning hours. But since starting the Master Key Experience, I have spent most of my time studying in the office. The only times I watch TV is when I visit other people’s homes. But, in just a few short months I will finish the course and then we will establish our new normal. But a word of warning, you will not know me because I’m a new man with a new life.

Got my Compass and I’m counting on Subby to connect with

Universal Omniguidance

Compass 750x380

With the foundation laid by The Scroll Marked II, Emmerson, and OG, topped off with the Week 7 Webinar, my compass showed me the way to shatter the heavy-duty chains that connected me to a deeply ingrained ten-year-old grudge. One thought from the Webinar that resonated with me was Holding negative feelings towards another is like me drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.


  • That’s great discipline with the TV, I haven’t been so diligent so I will take some inspiration from you and get better. I love the key chain compass, I’m not a watch wearer so having this on my wrist is cumbersome however it does get my attention frequently. Keep up the great work! Love and light -Marda

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