Master Key Experience Week 8

Making a stranger, my future self, my BFF

I’m frightened to meet my future self.  I hardly know him and rarely think about him. Does my future self hate me because I have not always acted in his best interests, procrastinated, talked about it but didn’t do it? I’m reminded of my father’s mentorship when he would say “Don’t tell me, Show me.”

In part Seven of The Master Key System, I learned about idealization, visualization, materialization,  imaginazation, conceptionalization, concentrationization,  manifestization, all those zations.  I can’t even spell most of them. But if they worked for Tesla these zations will work for me too. If I think about it, making my future self my best friend forever will help the present me by making my tomorrows better. One of my mottos is “You Grow by Empowering OTHERS.” Now that I’ve discovered that one of the most important others is my future self, I will become my future self’s Best Friend Forever.  Well, I got the talking part done; Time to Show Me!

Focus is a recurring theme for me.  Focus Guy!  フォーカス!

Sometimes my thoughts flit about like a tree full of chickadees.  For example, just now I was focused on writing my blog, but suddenly I thought about the magnifying glass and compass that my amazing MKE Guide, Deb Barrett sent from far away Canada. I wondered what I could do to focus more on the magnifying glass and what it represented. I could drill a hole in the handle and hang it from the lamp on my computer desk. So, off I went, drilled a hole in the handle, threaded fishing line through the hole and hung it from the lamp and resumed blogging. In my defense, before I started blogging, I repeated “DO IT NOW” 25 times with Enthuuuuuuusiasm. I hope it doesn’t start a fire.


My magnifying glass helps me focus on the Six things.

In my quest for focus, doing the “sits” has helped tremendously. My mind has linked sitting in the same chair, with concentrating on just one thing. I’m getting better at becoming the observer and as stray thoughts pop up, I quickly dismiss them and shift my attention back to the One thing.

  • Manuel Madera says:

    Guy, nice to find a fellow master mind member who has the same guide (Deb Barrett).
    I completely identify with your post. I sometimes get myself sidetrack by distractions.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Laura says:

    You made me laugh Guy, I hope your magnifying glass doesn’t start a fire too! Good job with the “zations”, and that was definitely food for thought when you wondered if your future self would be unhappy with you based on your current actions–I’m betting not since you are obviously making good progress with MKE! Have a great week!

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