Just One Thing

Masterkey Experience Week 10


I thought that my two Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s) were nailed down; Liberty and Autonomy Then along comes Curly, the MKE Digital Divas, and Mark J. to help me discover my purpose.  Grab another stack of index cards, they said.  Then write more stuff on more cards. By the end of the card sorting exercise, I discovered that I was a Compassionate Provider and that my One Thing is Marriage/Family with Fun and Recreation a distant second. This discovery process caused me to rethink my PPN’s.  I discovered that Service to Others was more important than Liberty.

Actually, my Subbie knew this long before I did when several months ago, I selected the name for my Blog Site: GrowByEmpoweringOthers.com

Fork in the Road

“If you see a fork in the road, take it”

Yogi Berra.

By going through the Discover Your Purpose exercise, I’ve discovered that I have arrived at a fork in my Master Key Experience journey. One fork is to continue on with my existing PPN’s of Liberty and Autonomy. The other fork is to replace my PPN of Liberty with my new PPN of Service to Others. I had to “sit” on this decision.  During my sits, I came to the conclusion that Liberty and Autonomy were closely related and I felt like I already have both. Service to others fits in well with my overall approach to life. I enjoy giving more without expectation of reciprocity and being in the flow of giving and receiving. I’m taking the second fork and changing my PPN’s to Autonomy and Service to Others.

“You can observe a lot by just watching”

Yogi Berra



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