Master Key Experience Week 16

Weaving the Magic Index Card Tapestry My wish for 2018 was granted.  Turmoil from the past four years of my life sloshed over into and filed 99.964 percent of 2018. My wish for 2018 was that the dark cloud of turmoil that had loomed over my life for the past four years would dissipate and […]

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Master Key Experience Week 15

Out with the Old, in with the New (Mark 2:18-22) On New Year’s Eve, the Universe sent me signs that 2018 was old and that 2019 is new. The Universe emphasized this point when my beloved Epson WP-4530 printer, despite my troubleshooting efforts, ceased to print.  As a final Universal exclamation point, the light in my […]

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Master Key Experience Week 14

Hey, Look, It’s Chancey! Music & Salt Water cure everything. Pretty sure that my discovery of the Master Key Experience was not a random coincidence.

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Master Key Experience Week 13

Life  Life is What Happens  To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

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Quiet the Mind

Master Key Experience Week 12

50 Minutes of Webinar Dead Air? Fifty minutes of Dead Air. Is that any way to conduct a Webinar? If the purpose of the Dead Air time was to create a mental void, a mental vacuum, silence, introspection, reflection, self-examination, connection with the Universal and to create a tsunami that rocked my world, Good Job. […]

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Master Key Experience Week 11

The Greatest Mechanism Learner’s Permit I’m learning that persistence, like knowledge does not apply its self. “Work is necessary-labor, hard mental labor, the kind that so few are willing to put forth.” I’m trying to find my “Auto-Persist” button. My “Auto-Love” pedal is to the metal. I feel frequent, gentle kicks in the butt from […]

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Just One Thing

Masterkey Experience Week 10

JUST ONE THING! Ohh NO! I thought that my two Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s) were nailed down; Liberty and Autonomy Then along comes Curly, the MKE Digital Divas, and Mark J. to help me discover my purpose.  Grab another stack of index cards, they said.  Then write more stuff on more cards. By the end […]

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The Sit

Master Key Experience Week 9

The Sit This week my sits were focused on visualizing a tiny seed growing into a beautiful flowering plant.  I also focused on the perfect affirmation:  “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”  This affirmation was very helpful to me during the Thanksgiving holiday. Holidays can be stressful but by using the […]

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Master Key Experience Week 8

Making a stranger, my future self, my BFF I’m frightened to meet my future self.  I hardly know him and rarely think about him. Does my future self hate me because I have not always acted in his best interests, procrastinated, talked about it but didn’t do it? I’m reminded of my father’s mentorship when […]

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Master Key Experience Week 7

DMP APPROVED. NUFF SAID My Smart Television Thinks I’ve Been Cheating. No Netflix, No Ted Talks, No Jeopardy, No Will and Grace, No UFC, No Fishing Channel, No Weather Channel, No Fox News, No Bloomberg,  No Apple TV – – – Nothing – – – Umm, yes, I guess I have ignored you. But it’s […]

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