Master Key Experience Week 6

Savannah puts her Seal of Approval on All Important Papers She thinks she is a fun-loving Yellow. Linking Shapes – Building a Dream Board – Compensation Love 3X per Day for 30 Days The wiring, firing, and linking has finally kicked in. When I see shapes and colors, zap, a mild electrical pulse surges towards […]

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Master Key Experience Week 5

Master Key Experience Week 5 Shifting Sand – – – Shifting Personal Pivotal Needs – – – Shifting DPM Over the past two weeks, I’ve been struggling with myself over my initial impulsive Personal Pivotal Needs choices. I picked Liberty as my first choice and Legacy as my second choice. My first choice, Liberty, I’m […]

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Chesapeake Bay Sunrise

Master Key Experience Week 4

Sunrise on the Chesapeake  Bay! Saltwater cures everything. I QUIT “Everyone quits during week four.” You either quit the course or you quit giving less than 100%. Both Mark and The Fabulous Davene repeatedly emphasized this point! My decision is to go ALL IN and continue giving at least 100%. Again, this week, how people […]

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Master Key Experience Week 3

About Me (until I figure out how to make this an Icon or link) : ‎ My step-daughter holding up a rainbow that appeared after one of the four rainstorms that drenched us while fishing on Avon Pier at Cape Hatteras. Definite Major Purpose, (DMP) Dharma Definite Chief Aim The object of my Definite Purpose […]

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Chesapeake Bay

Master Key Experience Week 2

Guy Fitzgerald Blog Week Two I really enjoyed my fishing marathon vacation. I had a great time at Cape Hatteras the Chesapeake Bay. We survived four rain storms while fishing on Avon Pier in Cape Hatteras. My step-daughter caught a Pompano and I caught a Sea Trout and we both caught a variety of small […]

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Master Key Experience Week 1

About Me (until I figure out how to make this an Icon or link) : ‎   My first Master Key Experience session started in the wake of Hurricane Florence and at the beginning of a fishing marathon vacation. My stepdaughter and I had been planning on a fishing vacation in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina […]

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