Press Release

Press Release: Daily Planet

Lois & Clark cropped

By Lois Lane & Clark Kent

Date Line: November 7th, 2026.

Lois: It was such a pleasure talking with you at the 2026 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference here in Puerto Rico. Isn’t it amazing that so much progress has been made in rebuilding Puerto Rico over the past decade?

Me: Yes, it has been largely due to the influx of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who have turned Puerto Rico into crypto utopia. Billions of dollars flowed to this economy and many thousands of jobs were created.

Lois: So, Guy, you were telling me about the home that you had constructed three years ago here on the island. Thank you for agreeing to be interview by me and Clark under the condition that the interview is conducted at your home, or rather your fortress. I have never seen such an elaborate security system. This solid construction is built to withstand winds speeds far greater than any hurricane on record.

Me: Yes, and it’s all self-contained, fully automated and I can control everything from my cell phone. There are enough provisions to support ten people for up to one year without any need for outside help. If necessary, I can supply emergency power to that cell phone tower that you can see from the balcony.

Lois: I just got a text from Clark saying that he was still in San Juan taking care of some issues with Lex Luther and will zip over to your house soon.

As Lois and I were admiring the magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea, there was a slight swooshing sound followed by the doorbell ringing. We both went down to greet Clark.

Me: Wow Clark, San Juan is 20 miles away, how did you get here so quickly?

Clark: Stammering: uhh bhu err, umm . . .

Me: Oh, you caught a ride on Uber?

Clark: Yeah, Uber that’s it and we took a shortcut to get here.

Me: You guys must have been flying down the road.

We all went up to the third story balcony to start my interview.

Me: Lois and I had a wonderful time at Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference. I was surprised that I didn’t see you there.

Clark: It might sound kind of strange, but I always avoid anything related to Krypto.

Lois: Well, now that we are all settled in, let’s get this interview started. We have to meet the Daily Planet deadline of 5:00pm to get your story published in tomorrow’s edition.

Lois: So, Guy, give us a little background and then tell us how you ended up here in your fortress overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Clark: Yess, it truly is a fortress. From what I can see, and my vision is extraordinary, your place is more secure than Fort Knox. I would have to huff and puff for a long time to cause any damage to here.  But please continue, Guy.

Me: I was born in Mount Shasta, California. My father was in the millwork industry. We moved to Southern Oregon then to Helena, Montana and finally to Central Oregon where I completed High School. It may sound strange but my decision to take Typing Classes was a major turning point in my life.

Clark: How did taking High School typing classes become a turning point in your life?

Me: This was back in 1966 and friends around be were being involuntarily drafted into the Army. It was a very frightening time for me. I knew that my Draft number could be called at any time. The next turning point in my life was my decision to be a draft dodger and enlist in the Navy to avoid being drafted into the Army and be given a one-way ticket to Viet Nam. My grandfather, a Navy veteran, told me that I would be better off sleeping in a nice warm bunk each night rather than sleeping in a freshly dug foxhole. I agreed.

Me: Sorry, got a little off track there. The question was about Typing class. So, off I went to San Diego for Navy boot camp. During boot camp, I couldn’t help but notice that some of the sailors worked in nice airconditioned offices typing and doing paperwork. I would certainly prefer office work over chipping paint and swabbing decks. At some point in Bootcamp, I had completed an aptitude test and apparently, I had scored well in the administrative section. During my job classification interview, I told the Chief that I could type at least 30 words per minute. Later I was notified that because of my test scores and typing skills that I would be designated as a Cryptologic Technician, Administrative Branch. Typing class determined my future for the next twenty-two years. My Navy adventures took me to Sonoma, California, The Philippines, Japan, La Cross, Wisconsin, Norfolk, Virginia, Okinawa, Washington, DC, and back to Norfolk, Virginia where I decided that I’d had enough fun in the Navy and was ready to retire. I was extremely proud to have served in the Cryptologic/Intelligence group which has since evolved in the current Cyber Warfare community. I’m almost tempted to reenlist to rejoin this amazing group so vital to our national security.

After retiring I sailed my 34-foot Catalac catamaran, which I been living aboard for the past five years, down the intercoastal waterway. My father joined me in Stuart, Florida as we continued our voyage around Key West at the southern tip of Florida, up the Gulf of Mexico to my new condo on the canals of Punta Gorda, Florida.

Lois: Wow, that was quite a journey, all because you took typing classes.

Me: Yep, but my journey continues. I got a job with the Charlotte Sun newspaper where I learned how to use Apple computers while working in the pre-press/composing department.

Clark: Lois and I are very familiar with those jobs. I started out in the Daily Planet pre-prepress department and Lois was the manager of the composing department before we advanced to the Editorial department where we focused on exposing criminals and evildoers. It frequently requires superpowers to accomplish our mission. But our story is a Marvel to be told another day.

Lois: So, what happened next?

ME: My next job was working as a government contractor at the Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Georgia. I was in the Environmental/Hazardous Waste department. I built a computerized hazardous waste management system, including the first website ever used by the government for environmental management. Not to brag too much, but that website is still up and running after all these years. On to the next phase of my life. I retired again and enjoyed having the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do.

Clark: Retirement always sounds good, but how did you spend your time after retiring for the second time?

Me: I enjoyed surf fishing on the beaches of Amelia Island and continued with one of my favorite hobbies, building custom fishing rods. I visited with family members who are scattered across the country.

A quick side note: I was surf fishing at American Beach on Amelia Island when a couple of beach walkers stopped and asked me if I had caught anything. Fortunately, I was able to open my cooler and show them the 5 Pompano and 7 Whiting the I had landed earlier. As we were talking, the man told me that he was in the Navy and taking a vacation prior to going to Fort Meade, Maryland. I asked him about his job in the Navy and he replied that he was in the Cyber Warfare community. His response immediately lit me up. Wow! I told him about my time in Navy as a Crypto Tech and mentioned that I envied him because he had a really exciting job in Cyber Warfare. He kind of smiled and said that he really envied me because I had been there, done that, got the tee-shirt, the retirement benefits and was sitting comfortably in my beach chair under an umbrella and occasionally glancing at my fishing rods to see if the tips were bouncing around, signaling: fish on. The grass is always greener . . .

The next turning point in my life came when I volunteered to be the social media manager for my sisters MLM health products business. I set up a Facebook business page, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts for her MLM products. My sister had recruited my son and her son’s ex-wife into her downline. So, of course, I volunteered to set up their social media sites also.

So here I was, Social Media Manager of Quite-a-Lot. With ads paid out of my pocket, I shotgun blasted their health products and business opportunity around the world!

The results of my efforts: Thousands of new Facebook friends, hundreds of likes and loves, zero product sales. As Og Mandino said: . . . “I have stumbled in ignorance and have fallen into pools of self-pity.”

Me: So, I say to myself, “Somebody out there is making big bucks using social media but it ain’t me.” So, I fell back on my old Navy cryptologic intelligence gathering techniques, TA [Traffic Analysis] skills plus some other unspeakable techniques [I’d have to shoot you after I told you]

Clark interjected with a wink: Aww, you can tell me, I’m bulletproof.

Me: I did a deep dive down multiple rabbit holes to find the keys to online business success. During my deep dive, I discovered the concept of Attraction Marketing. I thought that I had found the key to MLM success. Just as I was about to make a large investment in an Attraction Marketing course, I stumbled across the Master Key Experience and realized that attraction marketing was not the single key that I needed. I needed an entire Master Key System. Fortunately, two weeks later I enrolled in the September 2018 Master Key Experience and completed the six-month course the following March. Completing the MKE course was another major life changing point in my life.

Lois: Tell us how the Master Key Experience changed your life.

Me: It was a marvel. I discovered what was most important to me, my definite major purpose. I wanted liberty and autonomy. It was like I had discovered my hidden superpowers. I was the man behind the curtain, making magic happen.

Clark cleared his throat but didn’t speak.

Lois: How did you use your newly discovered superpowers?

Me: I was so impressed with all of the excellent marketing products offered by the Master Key program that I became an affiliate to sell their incredible training programs. Since then my business has had explosive growth beyond my wildest dreams. For my birthday on the 26th of March 2023, I retired and turned my business over to my sister and son. Both are graduates of the Master Key Experience and have continued to apply the MKE principles to running the business.

Clark: You retired three years ago. What have you been doing since you retired?

Me: When I’m not here in Puerto Rico surf fishing, snorkeling, and sailing, I travel around the world. Each year I visit with my family, my son in Wyoming for hunting, fishing, and camping trips. I visit my sister in Ohio for Walleye fishing on Lake Erie. I meet my step-daughter in Cape Hatteras and we always catch lots of Pompano and Red Drum at Avon Fishing Pier.

In 2024 I revisited The Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Portugal. I savored the good memories of my previous visits and create new memories and stories to tell.

In 2025 I completed my travels to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Sir Lanka, Taiwan, and Viet Nam.

So far this year I have traveled to Ireland, England, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Lois: What an incredible story. We need to wrap this interview up in order to meet our Daily Planet press deadline. So, Guy, in closing do you have any final thoughts that you would like to share?

Me: To sum it all up, I thank God for guiding my life-changing decisions.

I’m a Free bird, living in paradise, overwhelmed with gratitude, bursting with pride, following my bliss.

Created it, Living it, LOVING IT!

Clark and Lois: Thank you so much for sharing your story. We have to fly now to get your press release published.

We went downstairs to the front door, exchange pleasantries and hugs. I closed the door behind them. Seconds later I heard that slight whooshing sound again. I opened the front door and walked out on the porch to investigate the sound. Nothing seemed to be out of place, but I did notice two small whirlwinds that had picked up some small leaves that were dancing and twirling along the driveway. Lois and Clark were nowhere in sight.

Walking back up to the third story balcony I recalled that Clark had invited me to tour the facilities at Daily Planet.

My response was: That would be Super Man!